Engineering Jobs Hunting through Suitable Agencies

When you complete an engineering course and pass out of college, the thought of bagging a plum job becomes the first priority for you. However, it would not be enough if you rely solely on the placement cell of your institution. It may get you a job but that may not be suitable for your aspirations and needs. To stay ahead of competition and grab the dream job, you need something extra. That is why you need to enroll for professional career portals online.


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What Services Job Seekers can Expect from Online Career Service Providers

When you opt for services of online career service providers, you gain multiple benefits that help to cope with the competition better. These agencies help the registered users to develop a killer CV with aid from the panel of experts they have. For this you need to provide your educational background and details. Without a professional CV in online job profiles, no employer is likely to prefer you over other candidates and this is where services of online career portals can be useful.

Online Career Portals let Candidates Seek Specific Type of Jobs

When you opt for services of web based job service providers, your chances of landing the plum Engineering Jobs increase by several notches. Candidates, who create an online career profile at these career sites, get plenty of customization options. For example, you can set preferences to receive job offers at a particular region. Similarly, you may choose to receive engineering job updates for part time, fulltime or both types of openings.

Additional Services Offered by Online Career Service Providers

It would be wrong to think that that web based job portals are suitable only for freshers who have passed out of engineering courses! On the contrary, these career websites can be useful for engineers who seek better jobs. You can enhance chances of getting better offers that are suited for your profile by seeking their services. These websites have provisions for hiding your job search efforts from your existing employer.

Benefits for Employers in need of Engineers

These career service agencies can also be useful for employers who need to recruit engineers in various positions in their organizations. Company owners can save plenty of time by signing up with these agencies online. This will help them in getting eligible candidates for Engineering Jobs. They will get candidates shortlisted by these entities which will eliminate hassles of coping with unsuitable employees.

Things to Check when you Enroll with a Career Portal

Before you sign up for services of such an entity, a few factors should be assessed with care. Ensure the website is user friendly and intuitively designed. It would be useful if it has a mobile or tablet friendly version.

Suggestions for Conducting a Salary Survey

All type of organizations, private and government, small and multinational companies conduct salary surveys to decide the ideal pay structure for their workforce. Employees expect a satisfactory remuneration from the employer and unless you know what other companies are paying to their employees, it’s hard to determine a rational salary structure. Surveys can be conducted over phone or by sending a questionnaire to other organizations so that they can fill up all the details.

Here are a few things you should consider to decide which organizations you should include in your survey.

  • Your Location– Are you planning to hire local employees or like to hire people from foreign countries? Generally, companies prefer to hire locals and therefore, you should ask information from some organizations in your locality to know what they are paying to their workers.
  • The Size of Your Business– Bigger companies pay hefty salary and they have a better remuneration structure. Collecting data from such companies can be beneficial as you learn things properly.
  • Similar to Your Services– Make sure that the chosen companies deal within your industry and employ same type of people. For instance, if you have a web design company, then collecting data from law firms may not help you.
  • Experience– How long they are doing the business and what is their market reputation? After all, you don’t want to get information from a firm that has already made mistakes in HR management.

You can include as many companies in your survey as you want to, but make sure that there is a benefit for others as well. Tell the participants that you will share the survey results once it’s done, so that they don’t hesitate to share their remuneration chart with you.

Never send the survey form suddenly. Contact the responsible authorities (HR, CEO) of other companies, explain them what you want and then send a mail so that they can pay complete attention to the questions you have asked.

Some companies hesitate to reveal salary data because you may find that they are paying very high or low. The concern is even more if they know that they don’t give the employees what they deserve and think that once you know the package, may lure experts from their office by offering a better deal.

In that case, promise them that you will keep the data safe and won’t share it with others. Participating organizations will know each other, but the final result chart will show “company A”, “company B”, “company C” etc. so that no one can guess anything.

Creating the survey questionnaire is a difficult task. Prepare a separate sheet for each job and make sure that it’s flexible enough to include different job titles. For instance a “web developer” may design and develop websites in a company, while the same thing may be done by a “web designer” in another company. Therefore, give an option for the employees to describe their job responsibilities.

Ask the HR officer to mention both Gross and Net salary so that you can understand how much your competitors are actually paying their workforce.

Following the aforementioned suggestion you will be able to conduct a proper salary survey.

Must Ask Interview Questions for Management Jobs

For interviewing a candidate for a managerial position, some important questions need to be asked by the HR executive of a company. These questions will help a recruiter understand how knowledgeable an applicant is. One needs to evaluate whether the concerned candidate understands core aspects related to managing a team or company.  An applicant should be asked how he will use his experience and skill sets in solving issues within a team or department. Understanding a candidate’s ability in resolving process or project related issues will help a HR professional hire the most suitable person.

Here, we will discuss about some interview questions that should be asked.

Task Allocation and Motivation

An interviewee applying for management jobs should be asked how he had assigned work to another employee in his previous organization.  He should be tested on areas like:

  • How well he communicated the tasks?
  • Was the job assigned in time?
  • How the right person for the task was selected? On what specific qualities did he focus on?
  • How did he motivate the employee in doing the job better?
  • What resources were provided to the said employee for finishing the task successfully?
  • How a specific deadline was set for the task?

These questions would definite help an employer select the most eligible person.

Decision Making

A candidate should be requested to relate an incident or situation when a staff in his team created some kind of problem. Inquire how the issue was handled and whether the issue was resolved in time. Inquiries like these will definitely help you to get an idea of an applicant’s approach of managing a crisis situation and taking right decision. Also find out about a situation when an employee working under the interviewee failed to satisfy a customer despite twisting company regulations. What measures was taken to handle the situation?

Quantity or Quality

You should also try to determine whether the applicant emphasizes more on quantity or quality. There are specific team targets. In the pursuit of meeting productivity targets, sometimes quality of work is compromised. If quality issues are there, would the candidate still focus on productivity? If yes, for what reason? Also ask what’s more important; a company’s products, services, strategies or overall management? Testing on such aspects will help you understand what a candidate’s main priorities are.

Managing Own Work

Besides assigning task to others, you should know how well an applicant manages his own job.  Know whether he employed and executed some process improvement plans in his previous company. Was the plan successful? If not, what’s the reason? As a HR executive, you should also find out what’s the most difficult part of being a manager. During a business crisis, will he be able to handle critical issues when others become more dependent on him?

Hope the above discussion helps you in making the right hiring choice. Good luck!

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Landing the Right Job is Easy with a Perfect Curriculum

The most powerful tool in a job seeker’s arsenal is a professionally crafted curriculum or resume. However, most job hunters treat it in the most casual manner. They don’t realize that it is as indispensable as a hammer to a blacksmith or a stethoscope to a doctor. Without a well written CV, it is impossible to get into a profession of your choice

A perfect curriculum is one that helps you to sell your expertise to potential employers. Creating an effective resume requires organized placement of info, highlighting of relevant expertise and writing in a simple, lucid style. Dexterity

To know more, read on…

Synopsis of Qualification

The summary of qualification should emphasize your best abilities, skills, expertise, and strengths. Make sure that qualities mentioned are related to the post applied for. This will help you to market your abilities to a prospective employer. The quality of writing plays a crucial role in aligning your aptitude with the job role. The language should be powerful while the content should include sentence fragments. On the other hand, the cover letter should include complete sentences and in the first person narrative style.

Font Size Matters

In the pursuit of keeping the CV limited to a single page, candidates often choose 8 point size and narrow margins. This is the greatest blunder and one should evade it at all costs. Instead, pick out fonts that aptly accentuate your strengths, skills, objectives and achievements. Only then it would be picked from a stack of other CV’s.

Break Free of the One Page Myth!

Do not scratch your over a one page document, unless you are a fresher. If you are a mid-level executive, then a two page curriculum is fine and those who are highly experienced can keep it at three pages. More important is the presentation of pertinent qualification and experience in a simple and concise manner than the number of pages.

Highlight Relevant Experience Only

Keep space for more pertinent information than cramming up the document with unrelated details. Highlight info that reflects your strengths and achievements and says something about your track record. For example, if you are a senior manager, then including 10-15 years experience becomes mandatory, otherwise not.

This point can be further explained by another example. Consider that you have applied for the post of a software engineer. In such a case, employers will be keener to see your software certifications than wasting time viewing something related to hardware.

Have some more ideas to share? Please enter your comments below.

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Factors that Help HR Professionals Correctly Evaluate Salary Survey

Surveys related to remuneration are usually conducted to assess pay levels for specific job types. These polls are conducted as per region, industry, or work categories in order to compare wages. This is a vital task for the HR department of an organization where the attrition rate is high. This is an effective tool that helps companies to attract new employees as well as retain existing ones.

Before going into further details, let’s understand what such polls are all about. A survey that collates data regarding staff compensation, including the actual salary and perks is popularly known as a salary survey. If deigned and implemented in the right manner, this tool can provide valuable information for comparing compensation and benefits. To know how HR executives should assess such surveys, read on…

Region and Province

Apt wage comparisons are possible when there is geographic focus, i.e. regional, local, national or provincial. As far as the local level is concerned, the best assessment will naturally come from companies that are situated in a same town or city. The accurate data can also be obtained from different cities but with similar standard of living and market conditions.

Analyze Job or Profile Descriptions

The collated information will prove useful only when the focus is more on job responsibilities than the title of the posts held. To judge the salaries of two different companies, it is imperative that the jobs have the same duties and responsibilities.

Nature of Respondent Firms

It is necessary to check whether the type of clientele, functions, range of services, and sources of funding of a respondent firm are similar to that of your organization. If not, then the inference drawn might be incorrect. Sounding difficult? An example will make this point clear. Say for instance, a company is providing health care services using provincial funding. Naturally, the salary of this concern will differ from that of a firm that provides similar services, but using its individual funding.

Number of Paid Permanent Employees

An organization with higher operating budget will have higher salaries. Therefore, remuneration should be compared between establishments that are of equivalent size and have the same number of permanent employees. When size is mentioned, it implies the number of full-time paid employees working in an organization.

Is the Survey Repetitive or Onetime?

The evaluation would be perfect and error free only when a report is prepared using data from surveys that have been repeated. This provides an additional advantage to HR executives as the figures show compensation trends over the years. However, for ascertaining current remuneration, it is important that data from only recent years is considered.

Have some more ideas to share? Feel free to comment.

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Mistakes to Avoid When You Seek a Job Portal for Bagging Top Executive Jobs

Millions of students look for a career in management sector the days for rewards that are worth the investment and labor.  However, clearing the entrance test and enrolling for a management course in a good institute is not enough anymore. After passing out of the course, you will have to compete with several thousand aspirants seeking a lucrative opening in this industry. You will need more than just a few degrees and knowledge to bag plum management jobs in management sector.

Nowadays, lots of job seekers opt for web based career portals for lessening time and effort needed to get suitable openings. You can also get yourself registered for services of such web based agencies for improving your executive jobs search prospects. However, it is important that you register with reliable and professional job service providers. There are some mistakes you should never commit while searching for web based job service agencies.

  • It would be a wrong move to get carried away by sales pitch and skyrocketing claims of some career portals that say they have a high record of placement for registered users. It is true that these websites make job searching easier for you but you need the elements to bag a coveted offer from any company.
  • A number of web based career agencies may send you promotional emails and messages indicating discounts for their paid packages. This is something you need to consider carefully. It is true that you will get better offers and more facilities from them when you sign up for paid packages. However, you should only enroll for such offers when you are convinced that these facilities are really important. A number of job websites offer reasonable facilities for their basic free packages.
  • You should not sign up for services of any of these websites in a hurry. Performing an online search for career portals will give you several results. You should not sign up with any lesser known website just because their package rates are lower than others. It will be equal to jeopardizing your job prospects for a small amount of money.

You can always seek opinions from seniors in your industry for learning about reliable web based Career Planning agencies. Talking with your ex-classmates and friends can also help you to find some useful resources for executive jobs. Another suitable option for you is looking up in your social networking profiles.

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Bag that Dream Management Job through Reliable Online Job Portals

Nowadays, millions of students aspire for a career in management and that is why demand for these courses has gone up significantly. However, owing to steep competition and overabundance of prospective candidates for number of available jobs, not every management student can bag a plum opening in a top MNC. You need to walk some extra mile to bag a coveted job in this industry irrespective of your institute or university diploma.

Image In campus placements may or may not fetch you a job that fulfils your need in management sector. After doing a job that does not satisfy you well, you may feel like moving up the ladder and looking for top notch executive jobs. There are various ways you can adopt for enhancing your prospects in this sector and getting a plum opportunity. You can do some specialized course relevant to industry or seek help of online job portals.

For lucrative management jobs these web based portals come in handy for management students and working professionals. They can help you in progressing in this field in several ways. You can enroll for their service online and depending on your preference, specialization and eligibility they will send you information for suitable openings in this sector. You can also select frequency of career update you get from these portals.

Working professionals who do not have time to read newspapers thoroughly to look for suitable career options or cannot stay online for personal needs should opt for these online portals. They can send you updates both in your mailbox and mobile phone, depending on your choice. Some sites offer this career related services for free while there are others who charge an annual amount.  You can select whichever options fit your requirement.

Registering online for these services is not complicated at all. The process is very similar to registering for any online service provider. Once you become a registered user with these websites, you will be provided with unique passwords and username to access your account anytime. Based on type of your account, you may be able to customize it to an extent.

To get relevant management opening related updates, you need to submit your updated resume at these web based job service providers. Some portals may offer you suggestions in making your resume more effective for career prospects. In any case, enroll at those career sites that have several years of experience and reputation in industry.

Why There Is No Lack of Engineering Jobs in the Market

Getting a good job in a reputed company is becoming tougher in this highly competitive market. Thousands of potential candidates are running after a single vacancy and companies are hiring only the most talented employees. Therefore, you should plan your career very carefully and select a course that will secure your career.

If you think about industry driven courses, the first degree that should come to your mind is engineering. There are so many engineering colleges all over the country and several companies are offering engineering jobs to both fresher and experienced professionals.

You may think that every year thousands of engineering students pass out form colleges and there might be lack of job vacancy, but on the contrary, every year new opportunities are opening up and newbie engineers are getting hired immediately.

Engineers are receiving job interview letters from both government and private companies. The main reason behind the popularity of engineering is that it’s a diverse subject. There are so many streams of engineering and students can choose any stream to give their career a boost. Some of the popular engineering courses are mechanical, electrical, computer, software etc.

Compared to other college degrees, engineering gives you an opportunity to specialize in a particular subject from the very first semester. That means, when you join an engineering college, you can decide whether you want to become a mechanical engineer or a software engineer. You can earn the bachelors degree in “mechanical engineering, while a math student gets the “Mathematics (hons)” degree, not a “calculus” degree.

Every county is giving importance to human welfare these days and building roads to computer software for a better future. Therefore, in the coming decades the demand for engineers will remain high in the market. Especially, some streams like, software engineering and mechanical engineering will be very popular in coming years.

IT is a big industry these days and companies are offering hefty pay checks to software engineers. If you have done specialization in mechanical engineering, you can join mechanical divisions, infrastructure, core industry and manufacturing companies.

You don’t even need to search for engineering jobs. Most of the reputed engineering companies visit engineering colleges and find engineers for their growing business. In other sectors, companies give high importance to experience, but when it comes to engineers, only marks and specialization matter.

If you don’t get selected in campus interview, don’t give up. You should visit online job portals and type the keywords with higher search competencies to find all the engineering job vacancies in your city or country. Create a well organized profile in search portals and start applying for the jobs. Sooner or later, recruiters will notice your profile and call you for a job interview.

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